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A Letter From Councilwoman Sandy Greyson re: Bulk Trash
As you know, bulk trash often sits out in front of our houses for up to 10 days each month before it's picked up. I've asked Sanitation Department officials to look at possible ways to get the bulk trash collected more quickly. As a result, a pilot program has been launched in Sanitation District 4. District 4 has first week of the month pickup and includes all of City Council District 12 and some of Council District 11.

One of the reasons bulk trash collection takes so long in Far North Dallas is the haul distance for disposal. The pilot program aims to reduce this time by using larger capacity trailers to transfer the bulk trash to the disposal facility. Sanitation will continue to use the current size brush trailers in our neighborhoods but when those trailers are full, they are driven to a staging area and emptied into the larger transfer trailers to drive to the disposal facility. This method will allow the regular trailers to return to collection operations quickly, increasing efficiency and shortening the amount of time for collections.

Please put your bulk trash out no later than 7 a.m. on the first Monday of the month, especially during this trial period. Some people have been putting it out later in the week so as not to have it sitting in front of their houses for so long, but during the pilot program it may be picked up earlier than usual.
Thanks for your cooperation and please call the council office at 214-670-4067 if you have any questions.

Preston Highlands Social Activities – There’s a lot going on so please read on!!
Looking for interest in the following new Neighborhood Clubs:  Get in on the planning and help shape the club!!
Gardening – A club geared toward people with an interest in gardening. Whether you have a green thumb or wish you had one, this club is for you. Julia Fesperman will take the lead so let her know if you are interested. Contact Julia at
Quilting/Needlework – Do you have creative side and want to find others that align to your passion for creating beautiful things? This club will bring together neighbors that have a joint interest in quilting and needlework. Susan and Anna Lombardi will take the lead in organizing this group. Contact Susan at
Walking/Fitness – It’s always more fun and motivating to work out with friends. What better place to find a workout buddy than in the neighborhood. This club will focus on being active in various ways. Kathy Peterson will take the lead in organizing this group. Kathy would also love to hear from any trainers or fitness specialists in the neighborhood that would like lead an activity. If you are interested in joining or if you have an ability to lead some fitness activities, contact Kathy at
Don’t forget the existing clubs:
VIP – Volunteers in Patrol is a group of Preston Highlands’ residents, trained and authorized by the City of Dallas Police Department to patrol PH streets and alleys. They are directed to telephone residents about open garage doors and other suspicious and/or dangerous activity.  Join this club to learn more about neighborhood safety and possibly participate in a patrol team. Contact Nancy Asher at
Social Club – Geared toward activities for the adults in the neighborhood, this group gets together at neighborhood homes and restaurants for socializing and getting to know our neighbors better. Watch for specific dates to be posted and come on out to have a great time. Contact Kathy and Russ Anderson at
Book Club – The book club meets every 3rd Sunday to discuss and review books. The book list is posted so you can pick and choose what and how much you want to read.
Contact Mary Dell at, 972-599-7875
Parents Club – This club is for parents with children of any age. Whether you are a stay at home parent or work, this group is bringing together families in the neighborhood for a variety of activities. Contact Kara Showers at

Get updates to our Bylaws & Collection Policy by clicking this link:  2012 Amendments to Bylaws & Collection Policy

Preston Highlands is #1!! Bulky Trash Pickup Is Week ONE of Every Month
We are NUMBER 1! Bulky Trash Pickup each month is easy to remember if you just remember that it’s the first FULL WEEK of every month for Preston Highlands. Items must be set out by 7 a.m. on the MONDAY of your collection week, but not earlier than the Thursday before our collection week. DO NOT COUNT WEEKS OF THE MONTH!!! You could be fined up to $2,000 for putting items out at the wrong time. Separate bulk trash from brush, limbs, and leaves. To dispose of construction debris call 3-1-1 to request Cost Plus Service.

Remember the 4 Cs  
  • Cut: Keep lawns mowed, flower beds weeded and trees and shrubs trimmed
  • Clean: Keep yard clean and free of debris and ensure exteriors, such as paint and eaves, in good shape
  • City Code: Familiarize yourself with City Code regarding branches overhanging sidewalks or streets or impeding light from our street lights; easements; animal regulations; bulky trash pickup; and much, much more.
  • Communicate: Fill out an Architectural Review Committee form before building anything. Make sure you have a city building permit, as necessary. PHHA deed restrictions outline many dos and don’ts in this regard. One big don’t … the addition of sheds to your property.
SBB Management drives our streets and alleys at least once a month to ensure we are all keeping our homes, fences and yards in tip-top shape! Courtesy notices allowing 10 days to correct issues are sent. If not taken care of, fines are then issued. And then there’s the City with its own set of rules and fines. Avoid both at all costs or it literally can cost you time and money!
Curb appeal also directly impacts the market value of every home. So keep your property clean, well maintained, and attractive. Need more information? Get it online at under the Living Here section.

Lost or Found Pets
If you have LOST or FOUND a pet, please contact Allison Baker at This is the FASTEST way to get the word out and will save you lots of time. The neighborhood has been highly successful in finding and/or returning lost animals to owners in a very short time period by using our e-News blasts.


Not receiving Preston Highlands' e-news and Crime Watch alerts?  Click here to register.

News For You
2013 Operating Budget
For the 2013 Operating Budget for PHHA, please click here.  You must be a registered PHHA Web user to access.

We Live With Wildlife
We share our community with a variety of wildlife, including coyotes, bobcats and feral cats. Coyotes are typically nocturnal, but could be searching for water and food sources with the heat. They usually eat rodents, however, smaller pets are not safe from attacks. Refrain from leaving pet food out also.  Tips for living in areas with coyotes: 

  • Do not feed coyotes. When coyotes begin associating humans with food, they lose their natural fears and may become aggressive or dangerous.
  • Eliminate water sources. Standing water attracts rodents, birds and snakes that coyotes can prey on.
  • Position bird feeders so coyotes cannot get to the feed. Coyotes also may be attracted by birds and small animals lured by the feeder.
  • Do not discard edible garbage. Coyotes are opportunistic and will feed on any table scraps.
  • Place trash containers out the morning of pick-up. Leaving them out overnight offers opportunity for coyotes to scavenge.
  • Do not leave your barbeque grill outside or uncovered. The smell and the contents in the drip pan can attract coyotes.
  • Feed pets indoors whenever possible. Remove any leftovers if feeding outdoors.
  • Do not allow pets to run free. Secure housing -- especially at night -- deters coyotes who see small dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. as potential prey.
  • Clear brush and weeds from around your property. This deprives potential prey of cover and deters coyotes from hunting in the area.
  • Do not leave small children outside alone if coyotes have been spotted.
  • Discourage coyotes in your area. If approached, harass them by throwing rocks, shouting and making loud noises. 
    Need to change your contact info in the neighborhood directory? Just follow these steps:
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    2. Enter your Username & Password
    3. Click the Log In button
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    5. Click on the link to your address
    6. Edit your Phone, Email Address, and Alternate Phone Number as appropriate
    7. Click the Save and return to list button

    Forgot your Username? Typically it is your last name and intitial of your first name (eg. John Doe would be doej)

    LIGHT UP PRESTON HIGHLANDS! VIP patrols report some alleys with no driveway lighting and others with very little. This provides thieves the atmosphere to harm you and/or your property. Don't be complacent! Turn on front and rear lights all night and set alarms. Keep garage doors closed and park cars in your garage.  

    Apply to join
    Volunteers in Patrol. Our team has grown to 30 patrollers, but we need more! Contact or click here to get an application and liability waiver. Check out the Volunteers in Patrol Training Class Schedule. If you see anything suspicious, call Dallas 9-1-1!  Please also send an email to, so alerts can be sent to the neighborhood.

    Here to Help You
    Have questions, comments, or need info about Preston Highlands? Our full-service management company, SBB Management, is your first point of contact. Contact them for questions regarding dues billing, compliance or fine notifications, re-sale certificates, or other issues.

    Cyndy Long, Community Manager
    SBB Management
    8360 LBJ Freeway, Suite #300
    Dallas, TX 75243-1160
    972-960-2800, ext. 358 (office)
    972-991-6642 (fax)
    SBB Management

    Map and Driving Directions
    Click Here for a map of and driving directions to Preston Highlands.

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